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Hey, I’m Haikal.

Thanks for stopping by my home on the Internet.

10-second bio

  • What am I up to now: graduated medical school, writing online, ghostwriting and weightlifting.
  • I'm passionate about scaling my impact as a doctor through education, writing online, and technology.
  • I made Switchboard and Roam Essentials.
  • I spend my free time reading, watching/playing football and tennis, and playing the guitar.

What I write about

This site houses my writings on:

I'm learning about the things that fascinate me. This site is me documenting and sharing what I learned.

Some topics living in my head rent-free at the moment:

  1. The art of; writing, reading, and learning
  2. Artificial Intelligence; specifically on how we can use it for personal development, health, and productivity
  3. Joyful productivity
  4. Digital minimalism

A lot of what I write is crap. And that's okay, I'm still learning the skill of writing. I'll get there someday. Join me on my journey, I'm sharing what I'm learning.

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A collection of my best essays (or so I think):

Favourite books

I like to read. Sometimes, I post highlights of the books I've read here.

I think the best way to know someone is to know what books they like. So here's mine (last updated January 2024)

If you want to read more, get a Kindle. And read what you love, until you love to read.

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