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Sunday Snacks: Publishing Daily

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Hey friends!

What's up? I'd love to hear from you guys, so do send a reply on what you're up to. What excites you these days?

As for me, I started committing to publishing daily. If you'd like to get what post straight into your inbox, sign up here! (it’s a different link from this newsletter)

Here's What I've Written Over the Past Few Weeks:

Developing a daily publishing habit

I've decided to commit to publishing daily. Why? a) to strengthen my writing muscle and identity, b) get feedback on what ideas stick and what doesn't.

Writing an Integrity Report

An integrity report is a set of questions you ask yourself when half of the year is done. We just reached mid-2021 recently, so now's a good time to ask yourself about the resolutions and values you set out for yourself going into 2021.

And Here Are 5 of the Best Things I've Discovered This Week:

The Great Online Game

"We’re all playing a Great Online Game. How well we play determines the rewards we get, online and offline."

How to be more productive at work

From your first day on the job, you can improve your focus by establishing what is driving your desire to be productive. Striving for productivity without the right intention can be pointless, says Khe Hy, founder of RadReads, a newsletter and website that explores productivity, money and ambition. While it may sound simple, if you want to be more productive, Mr. Hy suggests you start by asking yourself, “What is this for?"

Matti Mattson's Bronze in 200 Meter Breaststroke after years of setbacks

This is a story of never giving up and believing in yourself. Even after 8 years of setbacks and doubting from time-to-time, Matti always knew he hadn’t shown his best effort. Matti was supposed to quit his career after Tokyo. I don’t know what’s going on in Matti’s head, but I’m quite sure it’s not quitting.

Cardinal Rule of Behaviour Change

“The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change:

What gets rewarded, gets repeated. What gets punished, gets avoided.

Don’t reward behavior you don’t want to see repeated.”

Dutch Infrastructure

As usual, thanks for reading!



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