Need help waking up without abusing the snooze button?
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Need help waking up without abusing the snooze button?

Need help waking up without abusing the snooze button?

I dread waking up so much that the snooze button becomes my best friend in the morning.

I tried everything to stop myself from going back to bed, but I recently read something that might be the answer.

In the book Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod talked about the Five-Minute Snooze-Proof Wake-Up Strategy.

I’m usually sceptical of names like these, but surprisingly, these steps worked for me:

Minute One: Set Your Intentions Before Bed

We usually never have problems waking up when we have a flight in the morning or we have an exciting event to attend. Why not do the same, but every day? Before you go to sleep, tell yourself about the exciting things you’ll get to do when you wake up in the morning.

Minute Two: Get Walking to Turn Off Your Alarm

Move your alarm away from your arm’s reach to force yourself to get out of bed. This step is crucial - movement creates energy to help you fight off the snooze button.

Minute Three: Brush Your Teeth

Instead of showering straight, try out something easier: brush your teeth and splash some water on your face. Achieving this small act makes you more motivated to wake up.

Minute Four: Drink a glass of water

After six to eight hours without water, it’s natural that we get dehydrated. This dehydration can lead to fatigue, and drinking a glass of water can make you feel more refreshed and give you the energy to wake up.

Minute Five: Go for a shower

A morning shower is the last step to beating the snooze button- it wakes you up and gives you a fresh start to the day.

It’s so easy, which is why it works. If we were to wake up and get bombarded with the million things successful people do with their morning routines, we’ll get demotivated and turn to our phones. Instead, this sequence makes it easy, and with each successful step, it further motivates you to complete your morning routine and start your day well.

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