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My experience being in isolation

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What is it like being in isolated for COVID surveillance?

I've been quarantined for a total of 28 days as my hometown requires me to quarantine before entering it, so I would like to share some tips on how I made the most out of it.

I just got myself busy with things I love. My first quarantine was filled with studying and going through NessLabs' Collector to Creator Course. My second one quarantine was spent studying, writing, and reading. On times where I don't feel like working, I just watch movies or do a lot of reading.

If you want to be productive instead of lazing around watching Netflix, use Focusmate!

It's also important to get your heart pumping and do some workout! Aim to do 15-30 mins of bodyweight exercises in every day. Nothing too fancy, and you don't need equipments for pushups and jumping jacks.

If you're a social animal, have daily calls with friends and family. Take this opportunity to reach out to friends who you haven't spoken to in a long time.

Clean up. Make sure you're taking care of your hygiene. That would mean cleaning up, making sure your room is tidy, etc.

I actually enjoyed being in quarantine, it gave me the focus to work on myself first and foremost, without being distracted by the needs of others. When I was stuck alone for 2 weeks, I also developed a writing and reading habit. It's nice to look at it positively and see what opportunities you can get from staying alone.

I like to think of being quarantine as being in Victor Hugo's position.

"In the summer of 1830, Victor Hugo was facing an impossible deadline. Twelve months earlier, the French author had promised his publisher a new book. But instead of writing, he spent that year pursuing other projects, entertaining guests, and delaying his work. Frustrated, Hugo’s publisher responded by setting a deadline less than six months away. The book had to be finished by February 1831.

Hugo concocted a strange plan to beat his procrastination. He collected all of his clothes and asked an assistant to lock them away in a large chest. He was left with nothing to wear except a large shawl. Lacking any suitable clothing to go outdoors, he remained in his study and wrote furiously during the fall and winter of 1830. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was published two weeks early on January 14, 1831."

Source: James Clear

It could be the perfect time for you to work on important things you have been delaying on, so look at it positively and you might be a different person when you get out!