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Medical School Resources

Favourite Medical School Resources

  1. Google: Your best friend on the Internet.
  2. Anki: Anki is an app created by Damien Elmes that helps you in learning and memorising facts. Read my guide on Anki here.
  3. AnKing Deck: The Gold Standard pre-made deck for pre-clinicals/Step 1 prep.
  4. Boards and Beyond: Boards and Beyond is a video series where Dr. Jason Ryan teaches Pathology and Physiology. The subscription also includes quizzes and slides.
  5. Pathoma: Pathoma is a video series where Dr Hussain Sattar teaches Pathology. The subscription also includes a companion book.
  6. SketchyMedical: SketchyMedical is a video series that utilises the power of visual learning to teach Microbiology, Pharmacology and Pathophysiology. Also has a video series for Clinical Students (Step 2)
  7. First Aid: First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 is an annual book containing high yield materials for Step 1. Recommended even if you are not taking Step.
  8. USMLE Rx: USMLE Rx is a question bank that is created by the authors of First Aid.
  9. UWorld: UWorld is a question bank that contains +2000 Multiple Choice Questions. Considered as one of the best question banks.
  10. BRS Review Series: A book series of multiple subjects with short notes and end of chapter questions that tests your understanding of the topic.
  11. Wikipedia: You’d be surprised to know how many doctors actually use Wikipedia.

Clinical Medicine

Anatomy & Histology



Appendix: A series of videos on how to survive medical school.


r/medicalschoolanki: A community where they share medical school materials for Anki.