Focus on The Fundamentals
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Focus on The Fundamentals

Focus on The Fundamentals

I recently listened to an episode of the Ground Up Show, in which Matt D’Avella interviews James Clear on habits.

Towards the end of this episode, Matt asked James about the simplest advice that’s the most important to follow.

James mentioned about focusing on the fundamentals.

People love to talk about the things that make the last 2% of difference in something. So if you want to get in shape, people talk about what protein powder should I take, what bar should I eat for lunch, what knee sleeves should I get for the gym, what weightlifting or running shoes should I buy
But all that stuff makes the last 2% of difference. The real answer if you want to get in shape is don’t miss a workout for 2 years and then get back to me.
And the same thing is true for so many areas of life.

James Clear also wrote this in his article,

Success is often a result of committing to the fundamentals over and over again.

I noticed myself doing this when I started my blog. I spent hours designing my blog, optimising the speed of my site, fiddling with SEO. What would’ve brought me more value instead would be to focus on the 98% and start writing.

We should focus on the essentials and put in the reps. But most of us (including me) tend to focus too much on the 2%.

I have one question for you. What is the fundamental step you need to take towards your goal?

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