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Average speed wins - [Life as a Medical Student #3]

Haikal Kushahrin
Haikal Kushahrin
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Average speed wins - [Life as a Medical Student #3]

Average Speed Wins

Whatever we're pursuing in life, most of the outcome comes by showing up every day and being consistent.

This is why it's important to set an upper limit to how much work you're doing each day. Don't push yourself over the limit.

For example, to study consistently, we'll say tell ourselves that we'll study at least 1 hour today. "At least" is the lower limit. We should set an upper limit too. "I'll study at least 1 hour today, but not more than 3 hours". The upper limit is just as important.

You'll have to learn slowly and methodically to prevent burnout. By setting an upper limit, I made each studying session easy. It becomes easier to sustain my progress.

And when you can sustain your progress, you're ahead of everyone who chased success as quickly as possible.

Obvious to you, amazing to others

Share what you have, even if it's obvious to you.

What's obvious to you might be amazing to others.

One of my peers were having difficulties clerking a follow-up patient, and I was reminded of a mnemonic I learnt from another posting.

To my surprise, none of my peers have heard it before. Even though it's obvious to me, it's so amazing to them that they jot down as I explained the mnemonic for taking a history from a follow up patient.

Even though I'm sharing something that's obvious to me, I'm helping someone out.

Get your house in order

The clue to a successful day is preparation the night before.

Set your clothes, bags, alarms, and keep in mind of your schedule for the next day. That way, you're ready to go when you're up the next morning.

Setting yourself up for tomorrow can also mean:

  • Not drinking coffee late night
  • Being in bed early
  • Not using screens by 9pm

Get your house in order and set yourself up for success.

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