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Are you burnt out?

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I'm writing this a day before I sit for one of my last written papers for my third year of posting, and I suddenly realized why studying for my final paper has been such a slog - I'm burnt out.

It's been a very long year, probably my most extended academic year to date. This year included postponing my schedule due to the pandemic, 4 isolation periods, and 3 critical clinical postings worth of learning haphazardly packed into 18 weeks.

It's been very intense, and I've been taking the past 2 months during my last posting to take it easy, but I still feel the physical and mental exhaustion to this date. Some days feel like a slog, and other days feel like they pass me by just like that. But one thing is for sure: I don't enjoy studying as much, which is something I used to do.

Maybe it's the homesickness talking or side effects of isolating in my room after having numerous COVID scares. Still, the intensity and uncertainty of my year probably led to my exhaustion. What I am usually excited to do no longer excites me. I don't think I'm lazy, as I didn't feel this way before. Maybe I'm just burnt out. Let's just hope I pass my written papers with ease tomorrow so I can finally take a break from this forsaken academic year.